Mother Earth



Live at the Red Lion Norton

More archive buses from 70s Teesside

This is fun…


Singing Young Girl in Norton’s Tapas Bar…

A little house.

From Ann’s mum’s home…

More Stockton-on-Tees Archive

I don’t recognise the presenter of this extract from a 1970 documentary, but I feel I should. (Please inform me in the comments)

The water quality has greatly improved now.

A lot of the historic East side of the High Street had been demolished when this film was made, you can see all of the Town Hall from Victoria bridge…

Some excellent 1960s amateur footage of the High Street, Finkle Street,Church Road, Norton High Street and elsewhere in the Stockton area (I’m not sure if the Alistair Brownlee, Bernie Slaven football commemtary is deliberately on the otherwise silent soundtrack) …


Thorpe Thewles Viaduct

Construction – this is probably a picture of the viaduct at Thorpe Thewles under construction.image

Still standing – but not for long.

Demolition –

I’ve blogged somewhere previously an edited version of this (it certainly didn’t include the football matches at the end of this version) but I think it’s worth seeing again.

Archive film of Stockton-on-Tees

From the early ’60s I believe. This includes film of buses taken on Bridge Road with the pub that would later become the Teessider (I can’t recall its original name), more footage at the corner of Yarm Lane and the High Street (when the old Odeon had been demolished and the new one had yet to be built) and further north up the High Street outside Robinson’s (now Debenham’s) and The Globe.

Happy Birthday Mr. Zimmerman

On the Steve Allen Show…

Still Active.


Live at the Red Lion, Norton-on-Tees.

Billingham Forum

I was at the opening ceremony of Billingham Forum as a representative of Low Grange Junior School.

Casual Keith


My friend Keith left a pint for me behind the bar of my local, it came at an appropriate time

The Only Ones

Another Girl Another Planet on ATV’s Revolver in 1978…

Ann’s beer


Simpsons Science

A collection of Simpsons clips that may be useful to science teachers.

Manfred Mann – Come Tomorrow

Johnny M sang this on karaoke the other night and it reminded me of this TOTP clip from 1965.

So What? at The Red Lion last night.

So What?


Live at the Red Lion Norton.

Red Lion gig list


My pals are playing tonight.