Happy Tau Day!


Interesting hand stamp


On an unstamped letter I received today.

Russ Tippins


Live at Norton’s Red Lion.


Pictures from last night’s event in aid of the charity CRY held in the Theatre Suite of Billingham Synthonia Club…

The artists who performed were Andy Brown, the first British artist to be honoured in the Country Music Hall of Fame, a specially reformed Raised on Rusks, a talented acoustic duo – Louise & Andy and So What?.

The real stars of the show were the young men and women who came to enjoy themselves and pay respect to their lost friend Jonny.

Raised on Rusks


Probably for the last time at CRY Charity event in Billingham.
Better photos will follow.

Where to get your free Genome fridge magnets…


Your Genome


Free chromosome fridge magnets from the Open University.

A nice postcard…


From Ann.

New hat and glasses


Old boots and panties.

The Sugar Bs


Live the Red Lion, Norton.

The Big Man

Clarence Clemons on Letterman…

and performing Jungleland in 1978 with the E Street Band at the Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ…

Wild Man Fischer

Larry Fischer died on 16th June…

Half Gallon Walk


Half Gallon Walk, a set on Flickr.

A trial for part of a forthcoming local Gallon Walk, it was a little wet and muddy today but fun nonetheless.

More Billingham nostalgia.


Bede, Davy and Faraday.

Age verification


Thanks to HowToGeek.

Billingham Town Centre


This view of Billingham Town Centre is two or three years earlier than the one on Ann’s blog. It was taken in 1965 or 1966 when the outdoor events of the Folklore Festival where held at this location and could be watched for free. The West Precinct is still under construction in the background and at the top of the helical pram ramp is the shop which started this round of nostalgia bearing the name “Toys – Prams – Do It Yourself”

John Rhodes Band



Live in the Red Lion, Norton.

YouTube parameters

If you are are embedding YouTube videos into your website, here is a useful list of parameters. I always use rel=0, to show just the video that is relevant to the post… but there are a few others I didn’t know about, some are recently introduced.

Post Comments Using Twitter and Facebook

Post Comments Using Twitter and Facebook.

Good news for any followers who don’t have WP accounts… you can comment here using your FB or Twitter ID.

Prince Philip

There has been a fair amount of media coverage of the Duke of Edinburgh’s 90th birthday tomorrow*. It reminded me of some pictures I took about 30 years ago of him partaking in one of his favourite sports at Lowther in Cumbria…

*I believe he usually celebrates his birthday on 28th of May which was the date in the Julian calendar in use in Greece at the time of his birth, 10th of June is his date of birth in the Gregorian calendar.