A day to go…

… and I think it’s unlikely I’ll make 1000 hits this month, but it’s getting closer…

Maybe September, but one fewer day to play with.

UPDATE:- I got 972 hits in August.



Over Billingham tonight.

Sunday’s Gallon Walk

American Girl



Live in the Red Lion, Norton.

The Walking Stick Man again

I know very little about this man, though he has appeared here once before, but I reckon he’s pretty cool…

BBC Television Demonstration 1936

Transmitted from Alexandra Palace to the Radiolympia Exhibition 75 years ago today…

This YouTube video from the Alexandra Palace Television Society has a very good description, Continue reading


Archie was my cat from 1968 until he went away in 1982

He had a character all of his own

He could be a bit of a handful… actually more than too arms full!



At her Uncle Bob’s…

Ann has more pictures from the day at CakeCakeCake.


Tapas Bar catch up

Some pictures taken on my little Fuji pocket camera. A few birthdays and anniversaries. It’s not a very good camera & I would not recommend it to anyone.







Sinclair ZX80



Forgotten in a cupboard at work. Fired up for the first time in about 15 years… still working fine!

I expect it will go on working, but the difficulty in the future will be finding a TV with an analogue tuner.

Feed The Bear


Live in the Red Lion Norton. Now!

So What?

Billingham Synthonia Club on Saturday night…

Nikki Beat & The Beatniks

Reformed in 1994 for a one-off gig in Middlesbrough’s Town Hall Crypt in tribute to local music promoter and musician Dave Johns who had terminal cancer and died shortly afterwards…

I’m sure I recognise that guitar player from somewhere.

Big Joe Williams

This 1966 video of Big Joe Williams playing Montreal Blues on his 9-string should have many more than the 160 views it now has…

True Love

Carl Perkins with two of his biggest fans…

Just a bit of wall…


But I can see a face there. Maybe it’s just me!

Taylor Dixon Band


Live in Norton’s Red Lion.

The sound of silence

Two fascinating short documentaries from the BFI about adding soundtracks to silent films. Firstly Segei Eisenstein’s The General Line

and Herbert Ponting’s The Great White Silence

Fly me to the Moon


From Moonshot, an Evening Gazette supplement from January 1969, commemorating the successful completion of the Apollo 8 mission.

Carl Perkins

In 1971, love the subtitles…