Radio 390

The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame’s August update includes some excellent photos from Graham Gill‘s collection taken during his time working for Radio 390 on the Red Sands fort.

One response to “Radio 390

  1. I remember listening to Radio 390 in the mid sixties. An announcer described it as a radio that did not entirely depend upon pop music, and the records played were quite pleasant and easy listening.
    It is a pity that the BBC does not put on a station similar to Radio 390, which did not rely
    entirely on pop music.
    In my opinion Radio 2, which is supposed to me middle of the road, plays far too many
    recordings which can only be described as a raucious din when at the same time listeners could tune in to Radio 1 or Capital for all out pop music.
    Bring back a radio station like 390 soon.

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