Thank you Ann


Ann sent me these goodies to cheer me up. They worked!



Live in the Red Lion, Norton tonight.

Harland Place


One of the ghostsigns I photographed which made it to the History of Advertising Trust’s archive has been painted over.
The good news is the new owners recognised the value of this form of advertising.

Norton Oriental Refreshment Bungalow


Thank you to the Evening Gazette’s Remember When Blog. The bungalow was at the junction of Billingham Road and South Road, roughly where the telephone exchange is now.



The winner of the Vintage Ads music related competition.

Ann in her mum’s garden



Ann blogged today a picture I took of her which she likes. I thought I’d share two more taken in July of last year which capture a little of the fun we used to have there.

Ann’s pictures from Sunday…

… are now on her blog…

Ann’s Tea Party at Dawn’s

Also including the previous dog walking pictures.



Live in the Red Lion, Norton. Now!

Update… a valiant effort tonight from DVD’s lead guitarist Vaughan. Technical problems forced him to play guitar through the PA amp for almost all of the first set. Fortunately someone had a spare head amp in their back pocket (or something like that!) for the second half…

USB Man at work


A present from Ann. Thank you.

Dog Walking at Billingham Green

Ann, George, Trev and myself…

Angie and Michael’s Wedding

Just a few snaps from my friends’ wedding yesterday…

The Ramones

New Year’s Eve 1977 at The Rainbow. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Thank you to BoingBoing’s Mark Frauendfelder.

Walking Down Carnaby St. 1968

Thanks to How To Be A Retronaut.



Another good concert promo from Vintage Ads. Pity about what happened there.

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – new single

Don’t Make A Fool Out Of Me due out in October

The Soul Rebels



Live in the Red Lion, Norton tonight.

Pritt stick


There’s probably about 20 years between these two.

Robert Cornelius

This self portrait is thought to be the first portrait photograph of a human…

Robert Cornelius took it outside of his family’s Philadelphia store in October or November 1839.

A good line-up!

Untitled, originally uploaded by paul.malon.

Thanks to Vintage Ads.