Bancroft Tiddlers


This is my incomplete collection of these miniature illustrated books for children. Published between 1965 and 1967 by Bancroft & Co, they cover a wide variety of subjects.

4 responses to “Bancroft Tiddlers

  1. Hi, i have many Bancroft Tiddlers to swap & i am after Giants of Sport & Giants of Sport II, i need one Giants of Sport & two Giants of Sport II,i will give you 2 for 1. Cheers. Allan

  2. if you have either the giants of sports 1, or 2, do not sell at minimal prices.
    collectors know the true value, and theses two booklets, can reach up to and over £1000 each.
    American collectors take out individual pages, and sell for between £200 to over £800 per page, for individual sports stars.
    if you know nothing of the true value, don’t be tempted by silly price offers, that may be a few tens of pounds, when the true prices reach in the several hundreds of pounds for these two booklets

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