Crosby & Nash

Ann recommended this BBC In Concert performance from 11-09-1970…

Watch out for the buttered elephant.

This is part 3, see also part 1, part 2, part 4 and part 5.

Iggy in 1986

25 words or less. Wild One

Coming soon to the Red Lion in Norton.


The Rogues


Live in the Red Lion, Norton-on-Tees. Now!

So What and The Rusks

At the Mile House, Stockton-on-Tees on Saturday night…

The Kill

One of Tracy’s iPad videos from last Monday at the Red Lion, Norton…

The Battle of Stockton-on-Tees

This week’s Making History on BBC Radio 4 includes an interesting piece about the successful opposition to a march by Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts in Stockton’s High Street in 1933, three years prior to the more well known Cable Street protest.

Read also David Walsh’s post on The People’s Republic of Teesside blog and the Northern Echo’s deputy editor Chris Lloyd blog post.

The Kill



Live in the Red Lion, Norton tonight.

Mike Summerbee – 1967


I like this picture of the Manchester City footballer from today’s Times.

The Who at Cow Palace

I find this very sad, but it must have been wonderful for the nineteen year old Scot Halpin who stood in for an incapacitated Keith Moon. I understand that the young drummer has since died…


Keith Moon Radio Sketches

From BBC Radio 1’s Top Gear in 1973,

John Peel, the long time host of the BBC radio programme Top Gear was set to leave for his summer break in 1973. As his replacement, producer John Walters invited Keith Moon to take over, scripting skits for Keith to act out between songs and recording them on weekday mornings when Keith was most likely to be sober enough to work.

0:00 Life With the Moons
1:43 Life With the Moons II
2:29 University Challenge
2:59 Poetry Cornered

Recorded early summer 1973 at the BBC.

Thanks to Dimmer for emailing me this link.

Happy 100th birthday – Transporter Bridge

Monday 17th October will be the 100th anniversary of the official opening of the Transporter Bridge between Middlesbrough and Port Clarence. To commemorate this the bridge has had special light shows, here are some pictures I took on Saturday (plus one of Albert railway bridge at Middlesbrough so it didn’t feel left out!)…

More railway ticket punching


M. C. Mieth produces many interesting dies for ticket punches. The shapes above plus letters and numbers.
I can’t spot the one I blogged yesterday though.

Ticket punches


I’ve seen many differently shaped holes punched by railway guards/conductors in tickets but this my favourite. It’s from my return journey the other week after seeing Ann and it took place after a change of crew at Hull on a train to Doncaster.

60140 Balmoral



Ann sent me this postcard of a cover of a Ladybird book to commemorate my recent trip to East Yorkshire. It depicts the A1 Peppercorn Pacific, Balmoral. The internet came up with the second picture above, the same locomotive leaving Hull Paragon. (Sorry I haven’t yet found a higher resolution version)

John Rhodes Band


Live in the Red Lion, Norton tonight.

Top of the Pops – 29th January 1970

Thanks to nyrainbow4 on YouTube.

Folsom Prison Blues

This isn’t very good, but I feel obliged to post it having put my video of Kenny up yesterday.

My karaoke of Folsom Prison Blues as filmed by Ken…

Peggy Sue

This is Kenny’s karaoke version. I know he has video of me singing a Johnny Cash song, thought I’d get my revenge in first!

Stephen Fry on Steve Jobs