Woody Guthrie

Mean Talking Blues. My favourite Woody Guthrie song….

Krank It Up


Tonight’s live band in Norton’s Red Lion.

Radio Geronimo – Monte Carlo & Bust

Radio Caroline in the ’70s

Hans Knot’s website features Andy Archer’s account of his time on board the Mi Amigo between 1972 and 1974. It is quite an amusing read. The Johnny Jason he refers to is the same John Jason who is now a BBC World Service newsreader.

Jimmie Rodgers

I have this 78 of Frankie & Johnny and was going to make an attempt to upload it but it’s already been done

Russ Tippins


Live in The Red Lion, Norton.

The Roadrunners


Live tonight at The Red Lion, Norton.

Coming soon at The Red Lion, Norton


Blind Willie Johnson – 1927

Dark Was The Night – Cold Was The Ground was one of the musical tracks included on the Voyager Golden Record

Pot Eight Toes

From a BBC Radio Merseyside phone-in quiz Hold Your Plums.

Electrical Storm


Tonight’s live band in Norton’s Red Lion.

Ghostsigns in Middlesbrough

A steak in The Swatters’ Carr


A Wetherspoon’s pub in Middlesbrough better known as The Empire Hotel in Linthorpe Road. The Swatters’ Carr was the name of a field nearby where fairs were held and Middlesbrough football club played their earliest games. It was also the original name of the hotel on this site.

Middlesbrough ghostsign


A mobile phone picture… a better image will follow, I hope.

Ken as Elvis

Last Minute


Live at The Red Lion, Norton tonight.

Welcome to Kitty City

Velvet Underground – I’m Sticking With You

Moe and Lou…

Happy Birthday Lako

Bede Hall, Billingham

Strictly speaking I shouldn’t be on this photograph of fifth and sixth formers in May 1971, but I had somehow missed being on the one of the lower school earlier that day (dental appointment I think) and was told to join this group. Front row second from left. This will be just before Ann joined the school but I bet she can recognise many of the teachers…