The Oranges and Lemons

This was my favourite Oxford pub in the late 70s and I’ve just come across these photos from that era… I recognise many faces but names are harder to recall…

Oranges & Lemons 1978

Oranges & Lemons 1978
The pictures come from a website celebrating skinhead culture but as you can see many social groups were welcome, even we students were tolerated. I even made an odd appearance as one of Leaf’s guest barmen.

Oranges & Lemons 1978

29 responses to “The Oranges and Lemons

  1. I used to live in that place was a runaway at the time bev my name remember Wendy blonde hair French Michelle Christine the list goes on

  2. Marion the landlady standing with Les’s arm on her shoulder. Marion Leaves is in Cardiff now. Leaf died in Worcester around 6 years ago. I lived at the Oranges on and off between 76 and 81, sometimes with Phil.

  3. Wow, yr pictures took me back in time! Brilliant days, watching bands at the pub then walking up to the Caribbean Club for late nite reggae. Spotted myself and friends, can even remember some names and many faces from that time long ago. I recall being photoed all lined up against the brickwall. Ide love to see more pics from that day?

  4. Does anyone remember Willie Hendry, who worked behind the bar off and on? He was from Glasgow and he had a tat of a pair or wings on his arm. His sister Maureen lived with Stevie. I’ve been looking for Willie for years.

  5. I remember Willie but not seen him for years, what a great time in and around the Oranges, remember it all with a grin :o)

    • Do you know anyone who might know where he is? He was so good to me then, so long ago. Was Stevie a sort of Ted? Did you know him and Maureen?

  6. i used to get served in there at 15 around 1978, marion never really believed me but just said stay at the back, great bands Bauhaus,Ruts,First offence and John ottway every other week, i used to go out with little Sid’s (skinhead with the brases on, in the picture) step sister, and guess what im goona have a beer in there tomorrow night,as the stranglers are playing down the cowley road.
    i remember becky,Lisa, little becky,troffey,Les,Ross n Paul

  7. First offence, that was good. I was trying to remember when I saw Crass. I remember 4skins. I miss those days so much. Remember those French punks, they stayed in my room for a while and got me kicked out lol.

    I still haven’t found out about Willy. He was good to me when times were hard. Someone I know who lives in wales asked Marion but she didnt know.

  8. Rockin’ Brian – I’m really glad you are keeping memories alive. I think I might have some pictures. I’m just going to dig into some old boxes. Lore Lisa – last time I saw Willie was in 1982 in Newcastle, where he went to do a course (can’t remember what the subject was). My favourite band were The Disco Students. Does anyone remember Dum Dum Dum?

    • I do remember Dum Dum Dum!
      I didn’t like Bauhaus much, and I don’t remember Disco Students. I keep trying to remember some of the others.
      I hope you can find some pictures, brings back so much.
      I vaguely remember something about Willy going to study something in Newcastle (was it something to do with theatre?). How did he like it there? It would be so good to hear about him now, I hope he’s okay.

      • I’m still looking for pictures. I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to Willie – I just bumped into him in the street.

  9. Thanks for replying. It would be so great to find out about him, I’ve been trying for the longest while. I remember his tat of the wings, whatever was in the middle had fallen off. He and I used to trade clothes. Good good times.
    Hope you find your pictures. Do you still go to whatever the Oranges is called now? I havent been there. Someone told me the old Caribbean club building was knocked down, pity, it was a good place. Is the Cape of Good Hope still there, it was nasty but I always had a good time there anyway.

  10. The Oranges and Lemons is now called the Angel and Greyhound and there is a ceiling to floor picture on the wall in there …the same one as on here,i think they are refurbing the pub but are replacing the pic….which is great….there are a few in the pic that are unfortunately not with us any more…Les being the latest.

  11. Sorry to hear about Leaf. Can anyone give me any background on Leaf ? I drink in the A+G and am researching the pubs history during his time. Any stories welcome. X.

    • Picking up on this so many years after your post, but yes, I am in touch with Marion and my husband , Gwyn, was mentored by Leaf and Marion from their years when first married and living in Aberthin near Cowbridge before moving to Oxford. He has so many stories, I have hazy ones about 1977 to 1981, the years I lived on and off in the Oranges. Leaf and Lynne followed me and Gwyn to the Cotswolds when we married and were part of our lives for many years until Leafs death. Email me at for more about Leaf. We are also still in touch with Phil

  12. Hi, I ‘m Julie Reb, lead singer with The Russians. Love the site & great to see the photos & comments. We played our first ever gig at the O&L in May 1979 – around the 26th I think. I remember Peanut & remember a lot of faces but not the names. Peanut & co. came to see us at The Black Lion in Northampton as well. I used to sit on the steps outside the O&L for ages talking to them. We played there several times afterwards as well. The landlord & landlady were lovely. Great jukebox – I heard 999 Feeling Alright With The Crew & X-ray Spex on there for the first time. Anyone know what happened to Peanut & anyone have any memories of The Russians or any photos please? Cheers, Reb.

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