The Kill again

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The Kill

Live in the Red Lion Norton…


Rockin’ Brian ca1964


Brother on 1930s jazz guitar, me on plastic Beatles guitar!

April 25th

Was ANZAC Day. Here is June Tabor’s version of Eric Bogle’s The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Belfast Zoo ca1953

Another anaglyph…

Coastal View on Teesside’s Music Scene in ’68 & ’71

Coastal View & Moor News is a monthly paper for the Redcar, East Cleveland and North Yorkshire Moors area. Its enigmatic columnist Hollie Bush contacted me drawing my attention to articles written in the March and April editions about one successful and one aborted music festival in the 60s and 70s.

In the March edition Hollie writes of Teespop 68, a festival organised by John McCoy and headlined by Traffic. Read the column on page 28 of issue 21 here.

In April’s edition Hollie tells of a rather more chaotic affair in 1971 involving the Edgar Broughton Band, a flatbed truck and Teesside Constabulary.. page 34 here.

A letter


From Benazir Bhutto.

Coming soon

Monday nights at the Red Lion in Norton.


There may be something coming on Sunday afternoons too I’ve heard.

Tumblin’ Dice

Live in Norton’s Red Lion…


Great Ayton

With Ann on Saturday,,,

More at flickr.

Concert Ticket


Bob Hope at the Royal Hippodrome, Belfast. 1943.

Bangor again

Possibly the same day around 1956, with my father the other side of the camera for a change…

Floral Hall, Bellevue, Belfast ca1953

Mother, grandparents and brother. I don’t think this anaglyph has turned out as well as the previous one but it’s an interesting location…

The Floral Hall is a 1930s Art Deco dance hall located within the grounds of Belfast Zoo. Unfortunately it has been derelict since the 1970s. The Belfast Buildings Preservation Trust plans to restore it, though funding seems to be a problem. This 2010 view is from Spatial Pan’s flickr photostream….

Bangor Co. Down. Ca1956

The picture in my previous post was in fact half of a stereo pair. Unfortunately I could only find one half of that one but I have quite a few complete pairs. I’ve scanned some and with the aid of InstantSolve’s Anaglyph Maker I’ve started to convert them into stereo images to be viewed through Red/Cyan 3D glasses.

Taken by my father in Bangor, Co. Down my first attempt features my mother and brother. I guess from my brother’s age this would be around Summer 1956…


Postscript: the buildings in the background in Quay Street are largely unchanged more than half a century later…

And the Clock Tower is still there…

May 1958

christening, originally uploaded by Rockin Brian.

I’m in this picture, but I’m only very small.

1963 Quarter

I was given in change a US quarter dollar presumably in mistake for a UK 10 pence piece…


It looked a little black like oxidised silver so I did a some research. Turns out that pre 1964 quarters are 90% silver and have a melt value of more than $5.





Live in the Red Lion, Norton.
DVD will form the nucleus of the Thin Lizzy tribute band on the Friday of this year’s Stockton Weekender. You heard it here first, possibly!

Thank you

Ann. A lovely present.



Ann & myself placed 19 bets on behalf of family and friends on today’s Grand National. Of the 16 different horses not one of them was placed.




At Wetherspoon’s.