Bangor Co. Down. Ca1956

The picture in my previous post was in fact half of a stereo pair. Unfortunately I could only find one half of that one but I have quite a few complete pairs. I’ve scanned some and with the aid of InstantSolve’s Anaglyph Maker I’ve started to convert them into stereo images to be viewed through Red/Cyan 3D glasses.

Taken by my father in Bangor, Co. Down my first attempt features my mother and brother. I guess from my brother’s age this would be around Summer 1956…


Postscript: the buildings in the background in Quay Street are largely unchanged more than half a century later…

And the Clock Tower is still there…

One response to “Bangor Co. Down. Ca1956

  1. wow, things have certainly changed since that first picture taken back in the 50’s, But the new marina is fantastic now and hings are progressing with developments along the seafront

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