Pictures from last Saturday’s trip to Whitby…

From the Club Fiesta in 1968

NIGHTCLUB ’68 Featuring WENDY KING – Tyne Tees Television

I have a cunning plan


Man City vs Norwich on Sunday

I think I’ll have a bet on the draw. According to the BBC


and the Official Barclay’s Premiere League website


it’s a foregone conclusion.
Man City aren’t that sure though.


Otway & Barrett and me

Pictures by Ann…




Otway & Barrett

Live at Fruit in Hull…


Andy Kaufman on Letterman

The morning program in 1980…

Victor Borge with Dean Martin

A musical variation on Borge’s Phonetic Punctuation routine…

You Bet Your Life Outtakes 1955-56

The genius of Groucho…

Limmy’s Show – Millport


Thanks to @prodnose

Concert Ticket


Bob Hope at the Royal Hippodrome, Belfast. 1943.

1935 Kindle



Unicode’s “Pile of Poo” character


George Orwell

Sings the blues…


A cartoon by the late and truly great Ray Lowry.

There Ain’t No Sanity Clause

The Damned’s 1980 Christmas single…

OK I give in.

I’ve put my Christmas decoration up.


John Peel’s Shed

An interesting and amusing half hour’s talk by John Osborne on Radio 4 this morning, it’s on iPlayer for the next 7 days.

Direct from a five-star, complete sell-out run at the Edinburgh Festival, comes John Osborne’s Radio 4 debut partly adapted from his acclaimed book Radio Head (Radio 4’s Book Of The Week).

In 2002, John Osborne won a competition on John Peel’s Radio One show. His prize was a box of records that took eight years to listen to. This is an ode to radio, those records and anyone who’s ever sought solace in the wireless.

A story about one man’s love for radio, how it allows you to escape into another world. Based on his book Radio Head, up and down the dial of British Radio, this is about what happened next: a show about the pleasure of having your own personal project. The story is about passion, obsession with music and about legacy; trying to do something special with such a rare, eclectic box of records.

Produced by John Pocock

Writer and performer John Osborne is based in Norwich. Experienced at performing poetry, storytelling and book readings. Performed across the UK since 2006. Member of poetry collective Aisle16.

Published work

‘Radio Head’, up and down the dial of British Radio. Radio 4’s Book of the Week.

‘The Newsagent’s Window’, adventures in a world of second hand cars and lost cats. ‘Bring Me Sunshine’, a travel book for the AA about British seaside towns, due for publication May 2013.

First full poetry collection with Nasty Little Press, due for publication November 2012.

Dinosaurs & Helicopters

What are better?

Helicopter Dinosaur

From How To Be A Retronaut.

Radio Caroline in the ’70s

Hans Knot’s website features Andy Archer’s account of his time on board the Mi Amigo between 1972 and 1974. It is quite an amusing read. The Johnny Jason he refers to is the same John Jason who is now a BBC World Service newsreader.

Pot Eight Toes

From a BBC Radio Merseyside phone-in quiz Hold Your Plums.