Possibly the best line up they had.
Ian Dury and the Blockheads – Blockheads, Live w…:

From the Club Fiesta in 1968

NIGHTCLUB ’68 Featuring WENDY KING – Tyne Tees Television

HAIR ACROSS THE FRETS – Wild Willy Barrett

One night Barrett started to saw through the wrong guitar, it survived slightly scarred…

David Bowie – Five Years – Live 1975

On theDinah Shore program

The Monkees

For Coca Cola…

The Rolling Stones

for Kellogs Rice Krispies…

Written by Brian Jones in 1963 and performed by the Stones.
Thanks to Sluggo

Dr Feelgood

The late Lee Brilleaux and the great Wilko Johnson…

Hank Williams & Anita Carter

Sixty years since Hank Williams died, vintage tv doesn’t get much better than this…

Watch “The Lovely Eggs – Tyrannosaurus Rex for Christmas” on YouTube

Hendrix in Stockholm – 1969

Andy Kaufman on Letterman

The morning program in 1980…

Victor Borge with Dean Martin

A musical variation on Borge’s Phonetic Punctuation routine…

Going Up The Country – Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

Live in LA 2009

Prince Buster – Too Hot – 1967 – Blue Beat

Chuck Berry – Roll Over Beethoven

What is this toy called?

My aunt brought this back from Canada or the US in the late 60s and I’ve never seen another one. A plastic variation on the spinning top it has no markings, but I vaguely recall the packaging referred to space stations or something equally topical.

Hammersmith Palais 1919-2012

Having been unused and neglected since 2007 Hammersmith Palais was finally demolished yesterday. A Reggae All-nighter there was the subject of this Clash song (here performed in the film Rude Boy)…

The demolition also saw the loss of this ghost sign, pictured from the underground station by Caroline Derry  …

With thanks to Sam Roberts’ Ghost Signs Blog.

Postscript – If someone had operated a pirate radio station from the minibus Ann drove on the Hammersmith flyover in 2005, I could have covered most of my categories in one blog post!

Channel 4 31-10-1984

I found this at the end of a VHS tape I’d recorded for school in 1984. It’s an entire commercial break, a continuity announcement plus the start of Channel 4 News on a day when an important international news event had taken place. More interesting than the preceding programme which I’d recorded on purpose.


The Creation – Making Time (1966)

Pete Molinari

Coming to Stockton’s Georgian Theatre on May 5th