Week 6 Hillary Term 1978

Looks like a good week. On the Wednesday I still had £223 in the bank.  Thursday I saw John Cooper Clarke and Be Bop Deluxe at the New Theatre. Friday Sheik (I don’t remember them)  and The Pirates at the Poly. Saturday it was back to the New Theatre to see the rockabilly band Whirlwind supporting Ian Dury &  The Blockheads before dashing over in time to see Siouxsie & The Banshees at a college gig,  Exeter maybe.


Not sure what happened on Sunday,  but on Monday 27th February it was The Flies and Otway & Barrett, probably in the Oranges and Lemons. On Friday March 3rd still had £211 in bank. How did I do that?

Google60 – Search Mad Men Style

http://www.masswerk.at/google60/ It really was like this. We sometimes had to use hand held mechanical card punches, even in the late 70s. Thanks to Tim Berners-Lee on Twitter for this.

A letter


From Benazir Bhutto.

The Queen’s College Record


Back home now.

With a bottle of Brakspear’s Oxford Gold. A Christmas present from Dawn and Andy.


The First Woodstock

Two years before the event at Yasgur’s Farm.

Woodstock 1967

The Oranges and Lemons

This was my favourite Oxford pub in the late 70s and I’ve just come across these photos from that era… I recognise many faces but names are harder to recall…

Oranges & Lemons 1978

Oranges & Lemons 1978
The pictures come from a website celebrating skinhead culture but as you can see many social groups were welcome, even we students were tolerated. I even made an odd appearance as one of Leaf’s guest barmen.

Oranges & Lemons 1978

Be Bop Deluxe

Oxford New Theatre 19 March 1978. Maurice found this on his iPhone, I was there and had no idea it was recorded…


From Wolfgang’s Concert Vault, it will probably require your registration but it’s free.

Mr Blackadder revisited.

I’ve posted here previously about Mr Blackadder, SCR butler at The Queen’s College.

The latest edition of the college newsletter has a supplement devoted entirely to old members’ memories of him.