Trevor Sewell

Live tonight in the Red Lion, Norton…


Radio 270

Coastal View‘s enigmatic columnist Hollie Bush has followed up the two pieces on rock events on Teesside with an article about the offshore radio station Radio 270 which broadcast to North East England from the North Yorkshire coast from 1966 to ’67.

Here’s the link. Sorry Flash required.

Radio Caroline in the ’70s

Hans Knot’s website features Andy Archer’s account of his time on board the Mi Amigo between 1972 and 1974. It is quite an amusing read. The Johnny Jason he refers to is the same John Jason who is now a BBC World Service newsreader.

Radio 390

The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame’s August update includes some excellent photos from Graham Gill‘s collection taken during his time working for Radio 390 on the Red Sands fort.