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Blind Willie Johnson – 1927

Dark Was The Night – Cold Was The Ground was one of the musical tracks included on the Voyager Golden Record

Yuri Gagarin on BBC TV

At the 1961 Earls Court Russian Exhibition, Gagarin is interviewed by Richard Dimbleby and Tom Margerison of the Sunday Times. Boris Belitsky of Moscow Radio interprets.

First Orbit – the movie

First Orbit Trailer

First Orbit is a film commemorating the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gargarin‘s first spaceflight on 12th April 1961. Largely filmed from the International Space Station when it was travelling in a similar orbit to Gargarin’s it attempts to show what he would have seen. Its premiere is on YouTube on 12th April…


Sixty Symbols is a website from the University of Nottingham (who also brought us Periodic Videos) This consists of a collection of videos concerning various symbols used in Physics and Astronomy. Here’s Ψ…