Possibly the best line up they had.
Ian Dury and the Blockheads – Blockheads, Live w…:

From the Club Fiesta in 1968

NIGHTCLUB ’68 Featuring WENDY KING – Tyne Tees Television

Man City vs Norwich on Sunday

I think I’ll have a bet on the draw. According to the BBC


and the Official Barclay’s Premiere League website


it’s a foregone conclusion.
Man City aren’t that sure though.


David Bowie – Five Years – Live 1975

On theDinah Shore program

More Coke


and 1961…

The Monkees

For Coca Cola…

The Rolling Stones

for Kellogs Rice Krispies…

Written by Brian Jones in 1963 and performed by the Stones.
Thanks to Sluggo

Hank Williams & Anita Carter

Sixty years since Hank Williams died, vintage tv doesn’t get much better than this…

Hendrix in Stockholm – 1969

Andy Kaufman on Letterman

The morning program in 1980…

Victor Borge with Dean Martin

A musical variation on Borge’s Phonetic Punctuation routine…

You Bet Your Life Outtakes 1955-56

The genius of Groucho…


In Stockton Parish churchyard…


Limmy’s Show – Millport


Thanks to @prodnose

Athens Daily Post – April 6th 1974


A souvenir from a school trip. The hotel room I was sharing was the only one, amongst our party’s rooms, to have a television set. So at 10.30pm about twenty people were in a room for two to watch ABBA win the Eurovision Song Contest, live from Brighton.


Following the cricket…

… on good old fashioned Ceefax, the North East of England being one of the few regions still receiving this service.


Channel 4 31-10-1984

I found this at the end of a VHS tape I’d recorded for school in 1984. It’s an entire commercial break, a continuity announcement plus the start of Channel 4 News on a day when an important international news event had taken place. More interesting than the preceding programme which I’d recorded on purpose.


The Creation – Making Time (1966)

Mystery sextet


How many of the above can you name?

Boxing Day Songs

I couldn’t think of any songs about, or even mentioning Boxing Day, but a quick YouTube search came up with these two.

First Elvis Costello performing TKO (Boxing Day) on Tyne Tees TV’s The Tube after the programme had gone off air but with the cameras still running (obviously)…

And in a pub in Derbyshire  on Boxing Day 2008 here’s Helen Morris performing her self-composed Boxing Day Song